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What problem is the CRA solving?

The Control Room Assistant tool (CRA) will help the control room operators focus on the important information and help them take the right decisions and action(s)

The problem in many of today's control room is too much information. This makes it difficult to know what information to focus on when a problem occurs. 

The Control Room Assistant (CRA) will provide the control room operator with real-time analysis of the situation and suggest what actions they should take.


KAIROS Control Room Assistant is a web-based tool used to assist control room operators. The Control Room Assistant (CRA) will diagnose and suggest actions to the operators by using a functional digital twin of the plant process, called MFM. By using this methodology, the CRA analyse the upsets in real-time. The real-time analysis provides insights into the root cause, suggesting potential consequences and even proposing ways in how to mitigate the situation through corrective and preventative measures.