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Is the CRA tailored for each client?

The Control Room Assistant is to some degree tailored for each client and asset


What is tailored:

    • The language used in the CRA is to some degree modified for each client (equipment name, descriptions, etc.). The language is tailored based on the wording used in the received process documentation of the plant.
    • The functional model we build is tailored. We start by using our standard model library blocks and put them together and connect them as for the total plant design (from the P&ID´s). In this way the functional process twin will be a replicate of the specific plant process system.
    • What features that are made available in the CRA tool depends on the license contract selected.
    • How we connect the CRA to the plant, to be able to process real-time sensor data, depends on the network topology we agree upon.


What is NOT tailored:

    • The CRA UI (user interface)
    • How the real-time data is processed
    • How the CRA receives data (directly from the ICSS to prevent any data delay)
    • We enhance all the models based on the experience and knowledge shared with us from relevant experts from client

TIP 🤓 ↓

To better understand the UI (User Interface) of the CRA, go to: https://www.kairostech.no/control-room-assistant