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Control room assistant

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Real-time Insight

The Control Room Assistant (CRA) has been developed to give control room operators real-time support by detecting abnormal situations and identify root-cause, predict future consequences, and suggest mitigation plans. 

The CRA will always be on alert and immediately present the root-cause with its consequence behind an abnormal situation and recommended counteraction steps. The objective for CRA is to make sure the operator is assisted with cause/consequence information and counteraction suggestions on relevant observations during operation.

How it works

The CRA uses a stream of real-time sensor data from the control and safety systems as input to a functional deterministic model or digital twin. The model starts with the explicit plant design parameters and combines human tacit knowledge and experience to improve the results. Core technologies is MFM (Multilevel Flow Model), rule based explainable AI with propagation analysis. 

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User interface for the control room operator

Key Features 

  • Real-time insight to root cause, consequence prediction and mitigation plans 
  • Abnormal situation detection 
  • Connect to any control system through OPC 
  • Large display or tablet user interface 
  • Intuitive modern user interface 
  • Suppression of equipment out of service 


Kairos on screen tablet CRA


  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Prevents oil spills
  • Reduces risk
  • Increases production by 5%
  • Eyes on the plant 24/7
  • Leverages the knowledge of the organization to each operator
  • Reduces the need for flaring by observing abnormalities early on
  • What is the price of the Control Room Assistant?

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