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What is the Asset Portal (HAZOP Assistant)

The Kairos Asset Portal contains the HAZOP Assistant Toolbox for built functional models

The Portal access will be granted to client users with a valid license agreement that have had a model already built for their asset.

To get access to the Portal and your asset, following Form need to be filled out: Portal user registration 

As soon as user login credential have been granted, you can log in (through given link) and will see a list of the asset(s) you have access to on the left side of the Portal page.


Our HAZOP Assistant uses the same base software as used for our Control Room Assistant (CRA) but can also be utilized as a support tool for HAZOPs. In doing so, the customer can leverage the base data & knowledge developed from both the design and operational core data that is typically developed during your project.

We combine the model(s) with deviation propagation analysis and artificial intelligence. Your model is built with a HAZOP project in mind and is based on plant design parameters.

Typically, we see a dramatic reduction in time spent on HAZOPs moving from perhaps 40+ HAZOP meetings (on a typical medium sized HAZOP project) to 3-5 deep dive gatherings with a reduction in hours lost on the engineering part of the project.


Operability Engineering - Evaluating plant operability weak spots 

The Reports available with the Portal, help to identify the main issues to be expected for operation and the opportunities to improve the design.

Design assessment that address:

- Is the current level of instrumentation sufficient and correct for effective and safe operation?
- Are all safeguards, barriers and counteractions known and documented?
- How failure may propagate into consequences?
- Any new operational tasks needed to mitigate when weak-spots are documented ?

Plant operation:

- How might this failure (corrective work order) affect the operation? 
- Are we able to see/understand root causes for deviations?
- Do we have (and should we still have) human barriers in place?