About Kairos technology

About Kairos Technology


About us


Kairos Technology, formerly Eldor Technology, was founded in Stavanger, 2014 by Bjarne André Asheim. Experience in the global process industry market, along with experience in design and engineering of control rooms and integrated operating centers in Eldor (founding parent company), a need for improvement and innovation in the control room was documented.



Based on the theories on Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM), a theory invented by Morten Lind, (Professor Emeritus, Senior Researcher) in the Nuclear industry, a long term relationship with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was established. Kairos soon established another cooperation with DHRTC (Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre) for the research and development of the Kairos products.


Kairos Technology Aps was founded in 2018 in Lyngby, Denmark by Claus Myllerup to further strengthen and develop this relationship.


In June 2019 a milestone was reached when Proventure and Skagerak Maturo made an investment in Kairos Technology, providing a strong foundation for further development and growth.


Kairos Technology is a software company passionate about creating new insights for the design and operation of plants.


We work closely with industrial companies and control room operators to help them reduce losses, reduce emissions, increase safety, and increase production efficiency from the control room.

Our mission is to improve production effectiveness by providing a software that will reduce effects of abnormal situations, avoiding shutdowns, and provide real-time decision support when abnormalities occur in complex industrial systems.

Our expertise covers the entire system from the field instruments to the data on the desktop. We understand the control room operators' needs and know the various system elements they deal with on a daily basis. Our software provides the help control room operators need to solve problems by helping them take the right action.

Kairos will help to eliminate effects of abnormal situations, avoid shutdown, improve insight, increase efficiency, make sense of BIG DATA, and work as a Hazard preventer. In other words, a paradigm shift in optimizing decisions from the control room.


Our vision

Assist operators to perfection.


Our technology

By combining ​deterministic modelling ​with propagation simulation and artificial intelligence we will provide ​innovative technology ​that shall strengthen safety, reduce emissions, ​improve regularity and ​increase production ​in all industrial plants.


Why Kairos

Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. It’s the difference between a minute (kronos) and a moment (kairos). Kairos is the idea of timing, which relates an event or a state to a situational context. It is addressing a qualitative aspect of time which is important for understanding the conditions for successful action. Our software is improving situational awareness and guiding the control room operator to right action in a critical moment. 


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