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The Kairos HAZOP Assistant is a model-based software used as a support tool during HAZOPs. It is based on an MFM model that is fully compatible with the model used for Kairos Control Room Assistant and may therefore be used to leverage the knowledge from both design and operation as part of the usual Management of Change process. We are currently developing the tool in a joint industry project (JIP). Please contact us for a release plan.

How it works

The HAZOP Assistant employs on deterministic modelling of the plant combined with deviation propagation analysis and artificial intelligence. The model is built based on plant design parameters and may be enhanced with human experience.  

Key Features 

  • Insert hypothetical deviations and immediately get causes and consequences 
  • Automatically generate pre-populated HAZOP worksheet. 
  • Import P&ID´s
  • P&ID view Guide word, Cause and Consequence
  • Analysis spans multiple nodes 
  • Enables plant wide HAZOP of modifications
  • HAZOP models are fully compatible with Kairos Control Room Assistant
MFM model - Hazop assistant - Kairos


  • Always updated HAZOP documentation 
  • Leverage learnings from incidents 
  • Increase the quality of HAZOP
  • Reduce time to re-HAZOP
  • Less dependent on availability of experts
  • Safeguard view for each root cause
  • Causal mode tree from cause to consequence


Kairos Technology MFM Modelling

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