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The HAZOP Assistant is the game-changing product your asset managers and project managers have been waiting for!

Kairos AI-driven functional digital twin reduces time spent on HAZOP workshops, while increasing the overall quality. Even less experienced personnel can reduce blind spots and improve quality of the HAZOPs by using the intelligent technology, with less need for help from your operational and safety experts.

With the HAZOP Assistant, you'll never have to worry about quality or leave blind spots unchecked again!

Always High Quality

The HAZOP Assistant employs the same functional modelling approach as all our portfolio of products. Start with our model library of process elements, which already includes a list of failure modes from our FMEA, or add your own standard into the models. The model will be built from your P&IDs with a HAZOP project in mind.

Kairos HAZOP Assistant offers complete FMEA coverage and ensures that your business is protected and asset operating at its peak – all while optimizing the valuable time spent by your project or operational staff's discipline experts.

Whether you are an end-user operator, an EPC, or a consultancy, you can get access and use this game-changer solution!

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Key Features 

  • All guide words automatically covered.
  • Process library with FMEA 
  • Tree view show failure (initiating event) propagation to Consequence (HAZARD). 
  • P&ID view of guide word, cause and consequence
  • Analysis spans multiple nodes
  • Supports Reverse flow analysis
  • Enables plant wide HAZOP of modifications
  • Toolbox for optimised design wrt. number of sensors, actuators and safeguards
  • Automatic HAZOP report generated
MFM model - Hazop assistant - Kairos


  • Always updated HAZOP documentation 
  • Leverage learnings from incidents 
  • Increase the quality of HAZOP
  • Reduce time to re-HAZOP
  • Less dependent on availability of experts
  • Reduce blind spots
  • Complete coverage of FMEA
  • Operability covered with verification, mitigation and prevention tasks
  • Include Alarm and Trip coverage


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