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HAZOP - Always up to date!

Our HAZOP Assistant uses the same base software as used for our Control Room Assistant (CRA) but can also be utilized as a support tool for HAZOPsIn doing so, the customer can leverage the base data & knowledge developed from both the design and operational core data that is typically developed during your project.


As well as being able to complete a detailed HAZOP in a fraction of the time (therefore freeing up your SMEs to focus on the more complex parts of the HAZOP), our HAZOP Assistant allows for complete 'cross-node' analytics whilst also identifying gaps in the instrumentation strategy (too few or too many instruments). Finally, we are able to create (and update) your HAZOP report at the click of a button.

How it works

The HAZOP Assistant employs the same modelling approach as is standard across all our portfolio of products. We combine the model(s) with deviation propagation analysis and artificial intelligence. Your model is built with a HAZOP project in mind and is based on plant design parameters.


Typically, we see a dramatic reduction in time spent on HAZOPs moving from perhaps 40+ HAZOP meetings (on a typical medium sized HAZOP project) to 3-5 deep dive gatherings with a reduction in hours lost on the engineering part of the project. 


Whether you are an end-user operator, an EPC, or a consultancy, you can use this game-changer of a solution!

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Key Features 

  • Insert guide words and immediately find initiating events and hazards.
  • Process library with FMECA 
  • Automatically generate pre-populated HAZOP worksheet. 
  • P&ID view guide word, cause and consequence
  • Analysis spans multiple nodes 
  • Enables plant wide HAZOP of modifications
  • Toolbox for optimized design wrt. number of sensors, actuators and safeguards
  • HAZOP models are fully compatible with the Control Room Assistant
MFM model - Hazop assistant - Kairos


  • Always updated HAZOP documentation 
  • Leverage learnings from incidents 
  • Increase the quality of HAZOP
  • Reduce time to re-HAZOP
  • Less dependent on availability of experts
  • Safeguard view for each root cause
  • Causal mode tree from cause to consequence


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