Emil Krabbe Nielsen


Emil Krabbe Nielsen

Business Development Lead for PtX

+45 28348523 or emil-krabbe.nielsen(a)kairostech.no

Emil's background:

Emil is currently pursuing a passion to enable green energy systems to secure us a future. He works to facilitate a significantly easier deployment and operation of energy systems through Kairos Technology’s products.


As a previous Onboarding Specialist at Kairos Technology, Emil has significant experience in analysing and understanding energy systems to develop models and deploy our products to assets. This experience, combined with the experience as a PhD student researching on high reliability deployment of the core technology of Kairos’ products in safety critical application, provides an insight into the capabilities and limitations of the technology.


Emil has extensive experience in technology maturation and deployment ranging from lasers, robotics, automation, to AI and machine learning from global innovation projects as a consultant at IPU, from research at Carnegie Mellon University, and the Technical University of Denmark.

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