Paul Seccombe

Paul Seccombe

Paul is a part of the sales team at Kairos Technology AS. He holds 20+ years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry working with Companies such as GE, Invensys Aspentech, etc. Paul has worked as VP Sales across a number of small technology start-ups since 2016 specialising in big data, analytics, machine learning and causal AI. He has a broad skillset across Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Oil & Gas, Process Engineering, Process Simulation, Operator Training and Integrated Control Systems. Paul has a degree and PhD in (Bio) Chemical Engineering from the University of Wales, Swansea. Paul is based in West London, UK.

Recent posts by Paul Seccombe

3 min read

How small investments can lead to great emissions reduction

By Paul Seccombe on 06/07/22 13:26

New tools and solutions can help you get a better overview of your current emissions situation, which in turn, are required to be able to act on them. Most assets have KPIs for emissions, but what do we do about them? We need to not only be able to measure, but also impact the targets.

Topics: Production optimization Reduce emissions
4 min read

Will Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) lead to reduced emissions?

By Paul Seccombe on 05/04/22 09:21

Emissions is a topic that a lot of people are passionate about and in order to be able to reduce emissions, we need to know where our current issues are, and how much we are emitting at the moment. Only when we know this, will we be able to set goals for reduction.

Topics: Environment Reduce emissions