We are happy to announce that Kairos Technology has entered into an agreement with Equinor to utilize our Multilevel Flow Modelling technology during the early design phase of the Krafla development project. Krafla will be the first unmanned production platform on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 


Equinor, with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway, is the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, and an international energy company present in more than 30 countries worldwide, including several of the world’s most important oil and gas provinces.


Equinor’s vision of shaping the future of energy rests on three pillars: Competitive at all times, transforming the oil and gas industry, and providing energy for a low-carbon future. These are all visions that Kairos Technology is contributing towards with our solutions.

Kairos functional digital process twin’s key objective is to map pre-requisites for successful unmanning during the design phase, as well as being used during operation for surveillance & predictive maintenance.

krafla development project - Equinor

As the model tools also represent the possible failure modes of technical systems, the Kairos AI technology will support the Krafla development objectives with evaluation support of the impact of different technological evaluations, the equipment selections and their impact to future operation when no field-operators are available.


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