Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM) is a modern method for modelling functions and goals of complex industrial systems. There are increasing needs for these digital twins modelling the process knowledge. Typical industrial systems in need for such a system is the oil and gas facilities and power production plants


DEVELOPMENT OF THE modelling theory

The basic idea of MFM was conceived by Professor Emeritus Morten Lind (DTU - Denmark) and has been developed and used over the years by his research group, as well as research groups in several other countries including Sweden, USA, Japan, and China. The early research in MFM originated in problems of representing complex systems in Human Machine Interfaces for supervisory control.

"MFM belong to the group of AI modelling techniques for qualitative reasoning called functional modelling." - Professor Morten Lind, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

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Here you can find out more about the technical aspects of Multilevel Flow Modelling:


About Kairos - Control Room Assistant

MFM is the modelling theory behind the technology developed by Kairos Technology. Kairos - Control Room Assistant presents the results from the technology to the control room operators simply and clearly. Kairos is thus the user interface screen that presents the results/overview of the situation to help the operator make faster and better decisions.

Kairos  Control Room Assistant, increasing uptime

To create these MFM models, various documents that describe the process system are used. Documents we use are, for example, HAZOP reports, P&ID, and PFD. We also adapt the experience operators have with the system to make our models better. MFM will help save and reuse plant knowledge that may be lost in the generations to come.  Kairos - Control Room Assistant for optimised production in oil and gas industry

Ivan Rott

Written by Ivan Rott

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