Ivan Rott

Ivan Rott

Ivan is currently Sales Manager for Kairos Technology. He is a dedicated sales manager where business development and the urge to create the best solution for the customer needs are some of his passions. After Cybernetics studies at University of Stavanger, Ivan started his career with HW design, moving quickly to project management and account management, as customer relations are core interests. Ivan loves an international working environment and speaks Norwegian, English, French, and some Spanish.

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Kairos research collaboration enhancing the Digital HAZOP Process

By Ivan Rott on 14/06/23 10:26

Our office in Lyngby, Denmark (by DTU) is enjoying the internship with Mercedes Belda Ley from Spain, sponsored by Kairos' collaboration partner Vysus Group.

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Research from Kairos presented at ESREL and SAFEPROCESS conferences

By Ivan Rott on 22/09/22 11:23

Kairos' research team and our collaboration partners have provided several important research publications this summer. Functional modelling technology (by means of Multilevel Flow Modelling) and developed tools reason about the relation between cause and consequence in complex systems. Using the data from SCADA/control systems, guidance is provided to help the operator on root causes and how to mitigate them. 


Kairos internship fellow Mohammad Bakhshandeh presented his latest study paper at the ESREL-conference in Ireland. Mohammad is currently completing his Ph.D at University of Stavanger. His research address advanced situation awareness, Human Vigilance, and Sensitivity in complex and dynamic Industrial systems. When modern industrial systems are subjected to complex operating conditions, they generate higher potentials for a wide range of abnormalities, deviations, rare events, and incessant changes. Ad-SA based on enhanced human vigilance and sensitivity is gradually becoming a critical need to ensure high-resilience of such systems and contexts. Mohammad´s publication is available here.


The ESREL 2022 (32nd European Safety and Reliability Conference) was held between 28th of August - 1st of September 2022 at Dublin, Ireland with five days of intense exchange on scientific research and industry practices on the various themes and areas, underpinning this year title: “Understanding and Managing Risk and Reliability for a Sustainable Future”.


Secondly, our research team in Denmark, in close collaboration with Danish Technical University and University of Le-Harvre, Normandie, France, opened up for new improved fault diagnostics opportunities, with Kairos functional modelling technology, used for complex and hazardous plant production systems. Current tools have a limitation, namely that the timing aspect of the propagation to consequences is not considered. The presented research proposes a method to develop a timed causal analysis that will use timing information to filter the sequence of alarms in the SCADA/control systems to help operators assess the development of alarms in case of a critical event. The publication is available online here.


The SAFEPROCESS symposium is a major international gathering of leading exerts in the academia and industry from all over the world. It aims at strengthening the contact between academia and industry to build new networks and cultivate existing relations. SAFEPROCESS is organised every three years by IFAC.

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Cutting edge research collaboration with the University of Le Havre

By Ivan Rott on 26/05/21 09:17

Kairos has entered into an exciting collaboration agreement with the research laboratory GREAH at the University of Le Havre in Normandie, France.

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Webinar: How to solve alarm challenges in the control room

By Ivan Rott on 09/02/21 08:53

Join our webinars to learn how new technology supports control room operators in the daily plant operations.

What if we could build in every operators' work-experiences and knowledge into a software that combines expertise with an instant analysis, view of the plant process state, and behavior, would that be helpful?

In this webinar, Bjarne André Asheim (CEO, Kairos Technology) and Ivan Rott (Sales manager, Kairos Technology) will discuss how our software combines experience from different control room operators and uses this knowledge to investigate root causes, consequences, and suggest counteraction steps for process plant upsets and incidents. With this tool, you will be assisted and guided, while keeping full control and making your own final decision of actions.

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"Father" of Multilevel Flow Modeling has joined Kairos Technology

By Ivan Rott on 10/12/20 09:12

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Emeritus DTU, Morten Lind (inventor of the Multilevel Flow Modeling theory) has joined our company to support the exciting developments and enhancements of the applied Artificial Intelligence in the Kairos products and solutions.

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Kairos is presenting at Norwegian Energy week Houston

By Ivan Rott on 07/12/20 09:27

The Norwegian Energy week 2020 in Houston will be a web-cast event between December 7th - 11th and will be all about collaboration for a sustainable energy future. 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Environment Green energy
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Webinar: How to detect production issues early and avoid losses

By Ivan Rott on 01/12/20 09:11

In this webinar, Denis Kirchhübel (Application scientist, PhD at Kairos Technology) will present a new, real user case of a gaslift compressor incident.

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Webinar: How industrial SW can prevent shutdowns, improve production efficiency, and save energy

By Ivan Rott on 29/10/20 09:33

Join our webinars to get insight into a user case where we explain how industrial software can prevent shutdowns, improve production efficiency, decrease emissions, and save energy.

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How to verify your plant design using Kairos

By Ivan Rott on 13/10/20 12:30

Kairos Technology offers ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) products for improving the operations and performance of complex process plants. By means of Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM) we digitalize the deep engineering and operational expertise that exists for the plant to make sure it is available to operations when needed.