Please join us for our inaugural 'Lunch & Learn' session in Aberdeen on the 26th of April - with a session entitled "Is the time right for AI in the Control Room?".


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As a valued attendee, you will gain important insight into:

  • How operations errors have a habit or repeating themselves - and how to avoid them!
  • Why verification steps are vital
  • How to Operate at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) to reduce GHGs
  • Customer Testimonial(s)
  • Top 5 Operation Challenges in UKCS - Roundtable Discussion

At the center of these discussions will be Kairos' Control Room Assistant (CRA) and Emissions Radar products, providing the entire Operations Team with the best operating advice (safety, emissions, production). With the 'brain drain' of experienced resources leaving in the industry after 20+ years, you will understand how to capture that experience - digitally - inside CRA enabling knowledge transfer to your lesser experienced resources - we call it '20 years in 20 weeks'.


Please join us as we present & demonstrate our Control Room Assistant & Emissions Radar and hear how our Aberdeen-based customers have benefitted from installing our software solutions.


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Paul Seccombe

Written by Paul Seccombe

Paul is a part of the sales team at Kairos Technology AS. He holds 20+ years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry working with Companies such as GE, Invensys Aspentech, etc. Paul has worked as VP Sales across a number of small technology start-ups since 2016 specialising in big data, analytics, machine learning and causal AI. He has a broad skillset across Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Oil & Gas, Process Engineering, Process Simulation, Operator Training and Integrated Control Systems. Paul has a degree and PhD in (Bio) Chemical Engineering from the University of Wales, Swansea. Paul is based in West London, UK.