Kairos Technology, Creative Design Environment (CDE), DEE-Production, and Eldor have recently gone into a new partnership agreement for superior control room environments. We are collaborating as our products and services are very complementary and will allow us to create collaboration environments with unique focus on human factors and manage larger projects together, something that will be of great benefit to our customers.


CDE, situated in Borås, Sweden, has extensive experience in control room design, ergonomic development in 24/7 environments and consultancy services in terms of technical installation of equipment on the operator desks.


DEE-Production, situated in Borås, Sweden, are manufacturing, selling, distributing, and installing state-of-art workplaces for control rooms and high-end user workplaces.

Eldor, situated in Stavanger, Norway and Aberdeen, UK, has extensive experience within lifetime extension, alarm optimisation, and control room & remote operation.


Kairos Technology, situated in Stavanger, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark, delivers software products to the energy and process industry for real-time decision support in design, operation, and maintenance.


Key people in the companies have been cooperating for many years in different capabilities before this new partnership and have now come together to create superior collaborative environments, including control rooms for the industry. Together we will cover all aspects from design to operation and from human factors to high-tech software. We will enable our customers to lower emissions, increase safety and production with higher up-time, through an improved work environment with focus on preventing operator fatigue and improving handling of process upsets.

Bjarne André Asheim

Written by Bjarne André Asheim

Bjarne André is the managing director of Kairos Technology AS. Bjarne André holds 20 years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry and has a degree from a university college as a process automation engineer, with additional leadership education from AFF and ABB.