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Please join us at the conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by NFEA the 10-11th of November! This conference will be packed with use cases and combines presentation from the industry, users and suppliers. All combined with cutting edge presentations from academia and research and development. Kairos technology will be present with a stand where we will show a demo of Kairos Control Room Assistant in the breaks. 

Kairos Technology at the artificial intelligence and machine learning conferenceSharat Kumar Pathi and Claus Myllerup

Prof. Emeritus Morten Lind from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, a partner in developing Kairos will be explaining Model based AI, while Claus Myllerup will talk about how AI can be used to improve HAZOPs.  

Morten LindMorten Lind, DTU, Photo: Arne Roger Janse

We hope to meet you there! 

Ida Eldor

Written by Ida Eldor

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