We had the pleasure of meeting many of the control room operators who will be working on Yme. We had a great discussion around what can go wrong in the process system and how Kairos CRA – with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will help to achieve an overview of the situation and support actions. We are all looking forward to seeing Kairos CRA live on Yme!  

In the first workshop with the control room operators, the main focus was to show how we build the models behind Kairos CRA and to share experiences. The knowledge they shared will be put into our models and make valuable information available for all the operators using Kairos CRA. It's important to capture their knowledge now, before operators start to retire as the new operators today will not get to operate the plant in “manual mode” as many of the experienced ones have, and important knowledge might be lost.

Control room operators discussing the processing system on Yme
Sharat K. Pathi and one of the control room operators are discussing how the processing system on Yme is designed, and what problems may unfold when Yme starts production.


For the second round of workshops we will be using our technology like a “re-HAZOP”. Based on the scenarios discussed from the earlier workshops, we will illustrate how different scenarios would propagate in the process system on Yme. This will help the operators be more aware of the early-stage symptoms in the future and how to best handle these situations. 

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We will also discuss how we present the necessary information to the operators. Therefore, we are “all ears” when it comes to improving the user-interface of Kairos CRA to best support them in action. 

We are looking forward to further cooperation and hope to share and exchange even more experience and knowledge in the future.

Yme plant is built in combination of reused material, new material, and with new technology.The Yme plant is built based on a combination of reused material, new material, and with new technology.

Sara Oftedal

Written by Sara Oftedal

Sara is a petroleum engineer with education from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU). Digitalization and modernization of the oil and gas industry is one of her focus areas.