Bernt Eldor is speaking at the Digitalisation of Process Control event from SPE Aberdeen. In the virtual event on November 25th 2020, we will present a case story that demonstrates how Kairos Control Room Assistant, a technology based on qualitative artificial intelligence, has been integrated with the control systems and existing data, to perform a real-time root cause analysis and prediction of consequences.

Our background idea was, how can we use digitalization and artificial intelligence to retain and improve the knowledge in the control room? When complex systems fail, the control room operator uses their experience to do a plant wide analysis of root causes and consequences, before deciding which action to take.

The system may also include operational work procedures for immediate assistance to the control room operator.

The session will be a presentation in the following format:

  • Introduction to the challenges in the control room

  • A short introduction to the theory and technology powering Kairos Control Room Assistant (Multilevel Flow Modelling, a branch of AI)

  • Explaining the real process case

  • Video of how the operator screen captures root cause in real-time

  • Integration to the Process Control system or data lake

The system started piloting March 2019 at the Chrysaor Judy installation and for Total at the DAN installation. Work is also ongoing with Equinor and Total to implement the solution for new installations. Kairos Technology has recently been given funding from Innovation Norway to further develop the system into a HAZOP Assistant, capturing the knowledge from HAZOPs and use during the operational phase will contribute to optimized operation.

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Ida Eldor

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