We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding by Innovation Fund Denmark for a 2-year industrial research project, following a SW Application. The postdoc project will lay the foundations for scaling our Kairos Technology portfolio for widespread applications, while setting standards for the quality of artificial intelligence models.


Control room operators have to keep an overview of everything happening in the complex systems of the processing plant. Handling this complexity is not only a matter of experience but strongly depends on good decision support tools. Kairos Technology has developed the operator support system “Control Room Assistant” based on a functional representation of the physical processes. Through the close collaboration between plant operators and our experienced process engineers, we can combine process understanding and operator experience into artificial intelligence (digital-twin) process models.

In this project we will define methods to build trust, provide accountability, and allow the easy adaptation of built models into different variations of the same plant process. The research highlights includes reliable documentation of model evolutions, links to established engineering documents, and transfer of knowledge across processes.

The research will be done by our application scientist Dr. Denis Kirchhübl in cooperation with DTU in Lyngby (DK) and EPFL in Lausanne (CH).

Bernt Eldor

Written by Bernt Eldor

Bernt is co-founder and the Sales and Marketing director for Kairos Technology. Bernt has extensive experience with international project management and sales, specifically within the oil and gas industry. He is an offshore engineer graduate from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.