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Uncovering Energy Waste in Processing Plants

By Bernt Eldor on 24/04/23 10:00

Are you the owner of a processing plant or a part of its management team? If so, then you may have experienced an energy loss problem, a common issue in many industries. Despite spending time and money on training staff to be energy-conscious, production plants often need additional help to properly manage their energy use.

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How energy management strategies can impact your business

By Ivan Rott on 29/03/23 12:03

Most organizations know that they need to save energy, but many are unsure of the best way to go about it. Energy management practices ensure compliance with local regulations regarding energy efficiency, in addition to saving costs and resources. Companies that adopt energy management strategies are also more likely to sustain their competitive edge by reducing production times, enabling more efficient workflows, and giving them an overall increase in productivity.

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Why is ESG important for companies?

By Tone Kvåle on 31/05/22 08:37

Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your business strategy is no longer a nice-to, it has become a need-to. Your company, like all other companies, is intertwined and affected by factors concerning ESG. With ESG regulations and greater pressure on all organizations to be transparent about their environmental, social, and governance policies, it has become a must-have for businesses to create ESG policies and strategies.

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Will Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) lead to reduced emissions?

By Paul Seccombe on 05/04/22 09:21

Emissions is a topic that a lot of people are passionate about and in order to be able to reduce emissions, we need to know where our current issues are, and how much we are emitting at the moment. Only when we know this, will we be able to set goals for reduction.

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Can operation improvements lead to reduced emissions?

By Bernt Eldor on 15/03/22 10:05

Why should we reduce emissions? This question hardly seems to be relevant anymore. Even if we still have people that do not believe in the COemissions' effects on the climate, there is no doubt that the public opinion is changing. Irrespective of your personal point of view, we are all affected.

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