Bjarne André Asheim

Bjarne André Asheim

Bjarne André is the managing director of Kairos Technology AS. Bjarne André holds 20 years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry and has a degree from a university college as a process automation engineer, with additional leadership education from AFF and ABB.

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Kairos Technology in 2020

By Bjarne André Asheim on 16/12/20 08:57

Entering the last weeks before Christmas break, we are closing in to the end of 2020, which has been a challenging and exciting year for Kairos Technology. Among all, the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected all of us, yet we have managed to minimize the impact and adopted new working methods and tools to secure the commitment and engagement with our customers and the market. Our product development is on track according to plans and new exciting projects are initiated.

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