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Baobab software release

By Bernt Eldor on 24/08/23 08:40

This newsletter provides a concise overview of the new features introduced in our latest software release. For more technical information, we offer a separate subscription called "product information," where we delve into the finer technical details.

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Kairos research collaboration enhancing the Digital HAZOP Process

By Ivan Rott on 14/06/23 10:26

Our office in Lyngby, Denmark (by DTU) is enjoying the internship with Mercedes Belda Ley from Spain, sponsored by Kairos' collaboration partner Vysus Group.

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What are the exciting new features in our latest software release: Barlind?

By Bernt Eldor on 08/03/23 09:51

The high level theme for the release is how we ensure coverage of failure modes. Kairos functional modelling is now based on a process library of safety and operability units. The building blocks are based on design guidelines with Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Experience (ISO14224). This has radically improved the models where the total number of failure modes has been increased by a factor 10. A topside model will now typically cover 3500 failure modes. In short: higher quality models implemented faster with little to no user involvement.

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BUDDY partnership with Blue Unit

By Bernt Eldor on 23/02/23 09:28

Geirmund Vik (Blue Unit A/S) and Bjarne André Asheim (Kairos Technology AS) are happy to announce their cooperation within decision-support for the fish-farming industry. The project has interestingly been named BUDDY!

Topics: Partnerships Water Quality Management
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Green Hydrogen Systems ensures safety with Kairos

By Bernt Eldor on 24/11/22 09:45

Kairos Technology is happy to announce that we will collaborate with Green Hydrogen Systems using our unique HAZOP Assistant and Control Room Assistant technology to ensure the safe design and operation of hydrogen electrolysis equipment.

Topics: Green energy Hydrogen
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Meet us at ADIPEC 2022

By Bjarne André Asheim on 24/10/22 07:00

We are going to ADIPEC the 31st of October to the 3rd of November. Please meet us in Hall 9 at stand 9132. We are looking forward to learning more about the future of energy, and discuss how Kairos can be used to help the energy industry towards a more sustainable future. Our CEO, Bjarne André Asheim, will also have a presentation on Monday the 31st in the Smart Manufacturing Zone, Exhibition area of ADIPEC, Session 1: Supercharging a Smart Factory with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). He will be presenting "From humans to robots and industrial autonomy using Artificial Intelligence" from 15.20-15.40. 

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Industry collaboration to enhance advanced HAZOP software with Vysus

By Montpellier Public Relations on 30/09/22 10:45

Global engineering and technical consultancy Vysus Group and software provider Kairos Technology are to further develop an intelligent tool that enhances hazard and operability studies (HAZOP).

Topics: hazopassistant Partnerships
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Research from Kairos presented at ESREL and SAFEPROCESS conferences

By Ivan Rott on 22/09/22 11:23

Kairos' research team and our collaboration partners have provided several important research publications this summer. Functional modelling technology (by means of Multilevel Flow Modelling) and developed tools reason about the relation between cause and consequence in complex systems. Using the data from SCADA/control systems, guidance is provided to help the operator on root causes and how to mitigate them. 


Kairos internship fellow Mohammad Bakhshandeh presented his latest study paper at the ESREL-conference in Ireland. Mohammad is currently completing his Ph.D at University of Stavanger. His research address advanced situation awareness, Human Vigilance, and Sensitivity in complex and dynamic Industrial systems. When modern industrial systems are subjected to complex operating conditions, they generate higher potentials for a wide range of abnormalities, deviations, rare events, and incessant changes. Ad-SA based on enhanced human vigilance and sensitivity is gradually becoming a critical need to ensure high-resilience of such systems and contexts. Mohammad´s publication is available here.


The ESREL 2022 (32nd European Safety and Reliability Conference) was held between 28th of August - 1st of September 2022 at Dublin, Ireland with five days of intense exchange on scientific research and industry practices on the various themes and areas, underpinning this year title: “Understanding and Managing Risk and Reliability for a Sustainable Future”.


Secondly, our research team in Denmark, in close collaboration with Danish Technical University and University of Le-Harvre, Normandie, France, opened up for new improved fault diagnostics opportunities, with Kairos functional modelling technology, used for complex and hazardous plant production systems. Current tools have a limitation, namely that the timing aspect of the propagation to consequences is not considered. The presented research proposes a method to develop a timed causal analysis that will use timing information to filter the sequence of alarms in the SCADA/control systems to help operators assess the development of alarms in case of a critical event. The publication is available online here.


The SAFEPROCESS symposium is a major international gathering of leading exerts in the academia and industry from all over the world. It aims at strengthening the contact between academia and industry to build new networks and cultivate existing relations. SAFEPROCESS is organised every three years by IFAC.

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Kairos collaboration with MIT

By Ida Eldor on 14/09/22 10:17

Adam Potter is completing an internship with Kairos, sponsored by DI (Danish Industry) as part of a program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Adam has just completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on electrical engineering and is working with Kairos for three months. In the fall, he will go on to a master’s degree as well as a PhD in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy.

Topics: Green energy Partnerships
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Meet us at the European Conference on Plant & Process Safety

By Paul Seccombe on 07/09/22 15:05

Kairos Technology & Vysus Group join forces for the second European Conference on Plant & Process Safety in Antwerp, September 13-14, 2022.

Topics: Conferences hazopassistant Safety
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Meet Kairos at ONS 2022

By Bernt Eldor on 09/08/22 09:44

This year, ONS has introduced a new concept called the ONS Scale-Ups arena. The intention is to provide a place where scale-ups can network and meet potential clients and investors. We are pleased to have been selected to attend, among many good start-ups and scale-ups. Look for the ONS Start-ups arena and meet us there on Wednesday 31st and Thursday 1st. 

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Vysus and Kairos teaming up

By Bernt Eldor on 01/07/22 08:25

This week (27.-28.06 2022) we started the collaboration between Vysus and Kairos Technology to make the innovative software solution HAZOP Assistant a game changer. HAZOPs have not changed much since the first introduction back in 1963! 

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Webinar: A new way to reduce greenhouse gases in your production facility

By Paul Seccombe on 24/05/22 12:57

Join us June 8th 2022 at 12.00 CET for 30 minutes of fascinating and thought provoking discussion!

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Partnership with CDE, DEE-Production, and Eldor

By Bjarne André Asheim on 21/04/22 15:34

Kairos Technology, Creative Design Environment (CDE), DEE-Production, and Eldor have recently gone into a new partnership agreement for superior control room environments. We are collaborating as our products and services are very complementary and will allow us to create collaboration environments with unique focus on human factors and manage larger projects together, something that will be of great benefit to our customers.

Topics: Production optimization Partnerships
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Lunch & Learn with Kairos Technology

By Paul Seccombe on 29/03/22 08:43

Please join us for our inaugural 'Lunch & Learn' session in Aberdeen on the 26th of April - with a session entitled "Is the time right for AI in the Control Room?".

Topics: Artificial Intelligence
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Collaboration with UiS on Ph.D. for situational awareness

By Ida Eldor on 03/03/22 12:45

Kairos has recently gone into a collaboration with the University of Stavanger for a Ph.D. fellowship. Mohammad Bakhshandeh is completing his Ph.D. in industrial asset management with a focus on the resilience of engineering assets and industrial systems and situation awareness. Mohammad has a long background from working in the oil and gas industry both onshore and offshore. Mohammad is completing his Ph.D. to combine his extensive experience in the industry with higher education. 

Topics: Situational awareness Research
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New software release from Kairos

By Bernt Eldor on 26/01/22 09:43

Last November, the BANYAN release of the Kairos products provided significant improvements in multiple parts of the products. The software teams delivered on time and have also prepared the architecture to support future products and functionality.

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Kairos at TOPSIDES UK 2021

By Paul Seccombe on 29/11/21 15:05

Kairos Technology are so looking forward to be travelling again and soon we will be back in sunny Aberdeen for TOPSIDES UK 2021 on the 29th of November to 3rd of December! 

Topics: Conferences Environment Emissions Radar
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Meet us at Adipec 2021!

By Ida Eldor on 02/11/21 08:56

We are so happy to be traveling again and soon we will be at ADIPEC 2021! Our CEO Bjarne André Asheim and CTO Claus Myllerup will be at our stand for Kairos Technology in the Norwegian Pavillion in Hall 8 at ADIPEC this year. They will showcase our software products for reduced emissions and increased production and safety.

Topics: Conferences Adipec
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Meet Kairos at NFEAs AI/ML conference

By Bernt Eldor on 21/10/21 08:35

Finally, after a long delay due to the COVID challenges, NFEA is back with high quality and impact conferences. The theme of this conference is the use of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning with emphasis on practical use cases and business value. The conference will take the hype out of AI/ML and show practical solutions from Tine, Brunvoll AS, and Unger Fabrikker. Kairos Technology will have a stand at the conference, so please come and say hello!

Topics: Conferences Artificial Intelligence
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Kairos will support Equinor Krafla development project

By Ida Eldor on 06/09/21 08:43

We are happy to announce that Kairos Technology has entered into an agreement with Equinor to utilize our Multilevel Flow Modelling technology during the early design phase of the Krafla development project. Krafla will be the first unmanned production platform on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Topics: @controlroomassistant Production optimization
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DTU PhD scholarship in AI Methods for Improving Process Safety in Automation Systems

By Ida Eldor on 18/08/21 08:17

We in Kairos have had great cooperations with DTU and their PhD candidates for the past few years. Our employees with completed PhDs from DTU includes: Lu Li, Sharat Kumar Pathi, Denis Kirchhübel, and Emil Krabbe Nielsen. DTU Electrical Engineering is now seeking qualified and talented candidates for a vacant PhD position in Improving Process Safety by Applying Model-based Methods. 

The purpose of the project is to define function modelling framework and implement model-based AI reasoning solutions, i.e. to develop representations and algorithms, to support a variety of industrial safety assessment procedures including Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. The model-based reasoning system will be applied for knowledge management and decision support to facilitate the industrial safety assessment activities.  

Your work will have the potential to influence the current industrial practices, and subsequently improve the safety and reliability of industrial systems, reducing the social and environmental impact due to industrial accidents.

Topics: Functional Modelling
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Deep Purple to test Kairos for new energy system

By Bernt Eldor on 22/06/21 08:47

We are excited to be given an opportunity to test our technology during the TechnipFMC energy transition project Deep PurpleTM. You can read more about the project here.

Topics: Green energy Offshore Wind
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Cutting edge research collaboration with the University of Le Havre

By Ivan Rott on 26/05/21 09:17

Kairos has entered into an exciting collaboration agreement with the research laboratory GREAH at the University of Le Havre in Normandie, France.

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New contract with Semco Maritime

By Bernt Eldor on 27/04/21 08:51

We are proud to announce that Semco Maritime has selected Kairos Technology for a pre-study to develop the next generation of AI driven predictive maintenance.

Topics: @controlroomassistant Offshore Wind
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Webinar: How to solve alarm challenges in the control room

By Ivan Rott on 09/02/21 08:53

Join our webinars to learn how new technology supports control room operators in the daily plant operations.

What if we could build in every operators' work-experiences and knowledge into a software that combines expertise with an instant analysis, view of the plant process state, and behavior, would that be helpful?

In this webinar, Bjarne André Asheim (CEO, Kairos Technology) and Ivan Rott (Sales manager, Kairos Technology) will discuss how our software combines experience from different control room operators and uses this knowledge to investigate root causes, consequences, and suggest counteraction steps for process plant upsets and incidents. With this tool, you will be assisted and guided, while keeping full control and making your own final decision of actions.

Topics: Webinar
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Kairos Technology in 2020

By Bjarne André Asheim on 16/12/20 08:57

Entering the last weeks before Christmas break, we are closing in to the end of 2020, which has been a challenging and exciting year for Kairos Technology. Among all, the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected all of us, yet we have managed to minimize the impact and adopted new working methods and tools to secure the commitment and engagement with our customers and the market. Our product development is on track according to plans and new exciting projects are initiated.

Topics: @controlroomassistant hazopassistant
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"Father" of Multilevel Flow Modeling has joined Kairos Technology

By Ivan Rott on 10/12/20 09:12

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Emeritus DTU, Morten Lind (inventor of the Multilevel Flow Modeling theory) has joined our company to support the exciting developments and enhancements of the applied Artificial Intelligence in the Kairos products and solutions.

Topics: Functional Modelling
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Kairos is presenting at Norwegian Energy week Houston

By Ivan Rott on 07/12/20 09:27

The Norwegian Energy week 2020 in Houston will be a web-cast event between December 7th - 11th and will be all about collaboration for a sustainable energy future. 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Environment Green energy
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Webinar: How to detect production issues early and avoid losses

By Ivan Rott on 01/12/20 09:11

In this webinar, Denis Kirchhübel (Application scientist, PhD at Kairos Technology) will present a new, real user case of a gaslift compressor incident.

Topics: @controlroomassistant Webinar
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Innovation Fund Denmark awards Kairos with PostDoc industrial software project

By Bernt Eldor on 24/11/20 09:17

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding by Innovation Fund Denmark for a 2-year industrial research project, following a SW Application. The postdoc project will lay the foundations for scaling our Kairos Technology portfolio for widespread applications, while setting standards for the quality of artificial intelligence models.

Topics: Functional Modelling Situational awareness AI Research
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We are presenting at SPE/InstMC virtual event November 25th

By Ida Eldor on 10/11/20 09:18

Bernt Eldor is speaking at the Digitalisation of Process Control event from SPE Aberdeen. In the virtual event on November 25th 2020, we will present a case story that demonstrates how Kairos Control Room Assistant, a technology based on qualitative artificial intelligence, has been integrated with the control systems and existing data, to perform a real-time root cause analysis and prediction of consequences.

Topics: Conferences Production optimization

Webinar: How industrial SW can prevent shutdowns, improve production efficiency, and save energy

By Ivan Rott on 29/10/20 09:33

Join our webinars to get insight into a user case where we explain how industrial software can prevent shutdowns, improve production efficiency, decrease emissions, and save energy.

Topics: @controlroomassistant Webinar

Webinar: How new technology improves plant performance

By Ida Eldor on 15/10/20 15:32

Join our webinar to see why Repsol, Equinor, Total, and Chrysaor have decided to use Kairos!

Topics: @controlroomassistant Webinar
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How to verify your plant design using Kairos

By Ivan Rott on 13/10/20 12:30

Kairos Technology offers ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) products for improving the operations and performance of complex process plants. By means of Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM) we digitalize the deep engineering and operational expertise that exists for the plant to make sure it is available to operations when needed.

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Kairos Scenario Maker is now available

By Ivan Rott on 25/08/20 09:08

To be able to run good workshops with our clients during the restrictions of Covid-19, we have developed Kairos Scenario Maker for testing process models built for Kairos - Control Room Assistant.

With our new tool, it is easy introduce different hypothetical errors to demonstrate and test how the fault propagates through the plant process. A live session with the tool will also provide better understanding of how Kairos can assist your production to safer operation and higher efficiency.


Watch video on how Kairos - Control Room Assistant works


We can also, from historic data, test how plant trips could have been avoided, as well as letting you train your operation team on plant behaviors. The tool helps demonstrate how the causal reasoning works, which is important to ensure that the artificial intelligence becomes explainable.

By using Kairos Scenario Maker User Interface, observations (sensor status) are selected for scenarios chosen to be tested, by simply assigning values outside their limits to see and understand how the AI reasoning works.




The behavior of your plant caused by these introduced "upsets" (top ranked causes and consequences), are presented in Kairos - Control Room Assistant on screen.




Topics: Digitalization Kairos Simulator
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Equinor continues with the Control Room Assistant for Johan Castberg

By Bernt Eldor on 13/08/20 09:24

Last week, Equinor decided to move forward into phase two with Kairos Control Room Assistant for the Johan Castberg field. Despite challenges with the Covid-19 situation, the project has managed to stay on track and deliver to expectations. The project has adapted to the new situation quickly and found a good way to interact via Teams. To improve the workshops of modelling, a new software tool that supports the creation of fault scenarios has been developed. This tool will be used interactively to test, demonstrate, and explain the behavior of the model, including the Artificial Intelligence in the Control Room Assistant.

Topics: @controlroomassistant Digitalization Production optimization
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Is Kairos the right AI product for you?

By Ivan Rott on 14/07/20 09:03

To support safe and optimal plant production, Kairos - Control Room Assistant runs in real-time as an assistant always on the alert. With live plant data as evidence, the model presents an instantaneous HAZOP with root causes, predicted consequences, and counteraction plans to assist and help the Control Room Operator.  

Topics: @controlroomassistant Production optimization
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How human intelligence gets Kairos up and running on your plant faster

By Ivan Rott on 30/06/20 10:00

To support safe and optimal plant production Kairos - Control Room Assistant provides the control room operator with an instant status of the entire process and predicts possible causes and consequences of any system upsets in real-time.


How does the control room assistant work?

For starters, we model the goals and functions of the complex industrial system as it is designed. Together with an increasing number of clients, we have established a library of each process function based on previous models built for the industry. In these library components we have already built in the design knowledge, its objectives, and functional behaviour. This way, industry "knowhow" and valuable operational experience is kept and shared.


The Onboarding Working Process

Our onboarding process is a straight-forward 4-step process from model development to operation.

1. Model development

2. Workbench offline testing

3. Real-time implementation

4. Operation


Library for safe and effective modelling

It is easy and safe to model a new plant or system based on the plant design information, because we are using the established library blocks. The normal time to build a main process model for a medium offshore installation is now reduced to 8-12 working weeks.


Human Intelligence  - The Objective trees

Kairos Technology will establish the objective trees, which is the description of the functional behaviour of the process. The functional models are built based on mass and energy flow transformations. The functional models areincorporated with process, mechanical & control design knowledge, as well as including the industry best operational experience.


Workshops - Adapting and sharing Operational Experience

We normally propose a couple of 2-4 hour workshops with the customer to discuss the prepared objective trees. We share the knowledge from other plants and adapt the objective trees to the customers' own unique operational experiences for their specific plant objective and industry knowhow.



Validation and Familiarization

Kairos Technology builds the model and uses our Scenario Maker to simulate the process behavior of the model. Test scenarios will be agreed on and performed to see the outcome and verify the model and plant design before implementation. The Scenario Maker can also be used to train operators on process disturbances and its cause/consequences.  


Implementing Real-Time Data

When the model is verified, it will be connected to the plant and run with real-time data via standard OPC UA interface.

By this point you are ready and Kairos - Control Room Assistant is helping your operators make better decisions for the plant.

System maintenance of Kairos will be minimal as Kairos adapts to site data and parameter settings of the plant. Major plant modifications will be taken into account through the usual Management of Change process.

Kairos - Control Room Assistant for optimised production in oil and gas industry

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Har utviklet kunstig intelligens som skal brukes i styringen av Yme og Castberg

By Glenn Stangeland on 11/06/20 14:53

Fra Energi24 den 3. juni 2020:

Kairos Technology utvikler teknologi som bruker kunstig intelligens for å styre produksjonen av olje og gass på en mer effektiv måte.

Topics: Digitalization Artificial Intelligence
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Innovation Norway funds development of Kairos HAZOP Assistant

By Ivan Rott on 09/06/20 09:03

We are proud to announce that we have been granted funding from Innovation Norway to further develop and strengthen our new innovative Kairos product - Kairos HAZOP Assistant.

The support from Innovation Norway will secure the development of additional features and functionalities already available in our HAZOP Simulator to bring to marked a unique tool that will strengthen the Hazard and Operability studies. The tool will improve the quality of the studies, reduce the time required from experts and engineering teams, secure the design basis knowledge over the entire plant lifetime, and display verification scenarios instantly.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence HAZOP Assistant
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Intro to multilevel flow modelling, the theory powering Kairos

By Ivan Rott on 26/05/20 09:48

Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM) is a modern method for modelling functions and goals of complex industrial systems. There are increasing needs for these digital twins modelling the process knowledge. Typical industrial systems in need for such a system is the oil and gas facilities and power production plants

Topics: @controlroomassistant Digitalization Artificial Intelligence
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New functionality in our improved Control Room Assistant

By Bernt Eldor on 12/05/20 09:39

Kairos is adding functionality to improve the user experience of our Control Room Assistant. The software will be improved with two yearly major releases (May and November) where added functionality is included. There may be minor releases in between, with bug fixes or customer specific improvements. Three of the important improvements you can expect in this months' release are the following:

Topics: @controlroomassistant Control Room Efficiency
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Equinor to utilize AI technology from Kairos

By Sara Oftedal on 26/03/20 09:15

Kairos and Equinor are cooperating to improve real-time situational management in the control room at Johan Castberg with the use of advanced AI and functional modeling.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Control Room Efficiency
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Workshop with Control Room Operators from Repsol & Maersk

By Sara Oftedal on 26/02/20 08:45

We had the pleasure of meeting many of the control room operators who will be working on Yme. We had a great discussion around what can go wrong in the process system and how Kairos CRA – with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will help to achieve an overview of the situation and support actions. We are all looking forward to seeing Kairos CRA live on Yme!  
Topics: Situational awareness Artificial Intelligence
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UPDATED: NFEA AI and Machine Learning Conference 2020

By Ida Eldor on 20/01/20 08:39

This news has been updated due to the current situation with the Coronavirus.

Please join us at the conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by NFEA the 10-11th of November! This conference will be packed with use cases and combines presentation from the industry, users and suppliers. All combined with cutting edge presentations from academia and research and development. Kairos technology will be present with a stand where we will show a demo of Kairos Control Room Assistant in the breaks. 

Sharat Kumar Pathi and Claus Myllerup

Topics: Conferences
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Thank you for a great week at ADIPEC!

By Ida Eldor on 19/11/19 08:57

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our stand and our technical sessions during ADIPEC. We've had a great few days at the conference, meeting new people working in the energy sector. ADIPEC was an amazing opportunity to meet like minded people and discuss future possibilities and solutions for the oil and gas industry. The energy business in the region is transforming and embracing new technology, our solution based on digitalisation and artificial intelligens is well positioned and aligned with the strategy of the majors in the region. Both Xinxin and Bjarne André presented papers as a part of the technical conference. The technical sessions at the conference were filled with inspiring topics and learning points from the industry, presented by excellent speakers from across the globe. 

Topics: Conferences Adipec
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Meet Kairos Technology at Adipec 2019

By Ida Eldor on 04/11/19 08:15

Bjarne André and Bernt, along with Xinxin from DTU will man the stand for Kairos Technology in the Norwegian Pavillion in Hall 8 at Adipec this year!

Topics: @controlroomassistant Conferences Adipec
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Kairos Technology at the International Workshop on Functional Modelling

By Ida Eldor on 07/10/19 12:59

This week a team from Kairos Technology attended the Fourth International Workshop on Functional Modelling (IWFM) at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark. Claus Myllerup, CTO, demonstrated a customer case story

Topics: @controlroomassistant Functional Modelling
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Release of Kairos - Control Room Assistant

By Ida Eldor on 07/10/19 12:58

We are pleased to announce the first release of Kairos - Control Room Assistant today. We started developing the software in 2014, so we are very proud to release the first version of Kairos.

Topics: @controlroomassistant
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Skagerak Maturo and ProVenture invests in the AI company Kairos Technology

By Ida Eldor on 07/10/19 12:57

Kairos Technology AS has secured an investment from Skagerak Maturo Seed and ProVenture. Kairos Technology AS has developed KAIROS – Control Room Assistant, which offers real-time decision support for control room operators

Topics: @controlroomassistant