The Norwegian Energy week 2020 in Houston will be a web-cast event between December 7th - 11th and will be all about collaboration for a sustainable energy future. 

The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Houston, Innovation Norway, and Norwegian Energy partners invites everyone to a week of informative and dynamic conferences. The event will focus on and explore the challenges and opportunities in collaborating for a sustainable energy future where innovation and digitalization are seen as a key.

Friday's title is: The Way Forward - Digitalization and Innovation as Catalysts for the Energy Transition, and Kairos Technology will be presenting as well as Cognite, Kongsberg Digital, and DnV GL.

We will talk about how our hybrid AI model can be used for improving design qualification and energy sector collaboration. Integrity verifications of novel P2X technology may be improved using our modelling tools. Cross sector coupling will be a prerequisite in the new energy value chain, and our real-time solutions will be an enabler for decision making.  

Proven models of O&G production facilities will be converted into the new energy market solutions. The goals and functions of each facility, combining the design knowledge and operational expertise, will be used for modelling the design objectives and functional behaviors.

Real-time optimized decisions will be supported at facility level, as well as in a sector coupled nationwide model. The technology will support the transition either in combined solutions or for a pure green energy plant to minimize emissions at all steps towards a sustainable global energy industry.

The safety requirements and plant integrity goals with maximised production efficiency goals remain the same for future green energy solutions.


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Ivan Rott

Written by Ivan Rott

Ivan is currently Sales Manager for Kairos Technology. He is a dedicated sales manager where business development and the urge to create the best solution for the customer needs are some of his passions. After Cybernetics studies at University of Stavanger, Ivan started his career with HW design, moving quickly to project management and account management, as customer relations are core interests. Ivan loves an international working environment and speaks Norwegian, English, French, and some Spanish.