To be able to run good workshops with our clients during the restrictions of Covid-19, we have developed Kairos Scenario Maker for testing process models built for Kairos - Control Room Assistant.

With our new tool, it is easy introduce different hypothetical errors to demonstrate and test how the fault propagates through the plant process. A live session with the tool will also provide better understanding of how Kairos can assist your production to safer operation and higher efficiency.


Watch video on how Kairos - Control Room Assistant works


We can also, from historic data, test how plant trips could have been avoided, as well as letting you train your operation team on plant behaviors. The tool helps demonstrate how the causal reasoning works, which is important to ensure that the artificial intelligence becomes explainable.

By using Kairos Scenario Maker User Interface, observations (sensor status) are selected for scenarios chosen to be tested, by simply assigning values outside their limits to see and understand how the AI reasoning works.




Kairos scenario Maker - Kairos Control room assistant

The behavior of your plant caused by these introduced "upsets" (top ranked causes and consequences), are presented in Kairos - Control Room Assistant on screen.




Kairos Control room assistant for optimised production efficiency and lower emissions

New projects and Change management

When we build a new model for a plant (existing or greenfield), we utilize the scenario maker to test the model by introducing different scenarios of process events. The test scenarios will be predefined together with our customer. The purpose is to verify that we have captured the explicit knowledge from functions, objectives, and goals of the plant, as designed. During testing of different introduced "incidents", we will be able to identify deviations to both the actual plant design, as well as the reasoning in the process model.

Once the model is up and running, the operation team for the plant can easily test and verify the impact any planned process changes might have on the plant's overall functions and behavior. As a part of the Management of Change working process, the new modified functionalities can be checked and verified towards the influence the changes will have. It will also check that the modification will have the planned and wished outcome to the mass- and energy flows overall.


Watch video on how Kairos - Control Room Assistant works


Training and Knowledge sharing

The scenario maker can also be used as a powerful training tool for control room operators, as well as for process engineers and safety responsible. 

The process model has the explicit and tacit knowledge from own operation and other customers in the industry built in, thus providing the opportunity to learn from others in running the plant.

Also, running the scenario maker connected to the process model of the plant provides a better understand of how mass flows (Oil, Water, Gas) and energy flows (Pressure, temperature, etc.) interact in the plant operation and how its boundaries move under the effects of the process variables.


Product DEMONSTRATION of Kairos Control Room Assistant

We can offer a cloud-based product demo of Kairos - Control Room Assistant, which is available so you can learn more about our technology and the features we offer.

Presentation of Kairos - Control Room Assistant and scenario maker tool is available through Teams appointment today. Book below:

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Ivan Rott

Written by Ivan Rott

Ivan is currently Sales Manager for Kairos Technology. He is a dedicated sales manager where business development and the urge to create the best solution for the customer needs are some of his passions. After Cybernetics studies at University of Stavanger, Ivan started his career with HW design, moving quickly to project management and account management, as customer relations are core interests. Ivan loves an international working environment and speaks Norwegian, English, French, and some Spanish.