We are proud to announce that Semco Maritime has selected Kairos Technology for a pre-study to develop the next generation of AI driven predictive maintenance.

Semco Maritime, with headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark, is a world leader within offshore windfarm substations and a specialist in operation, service, and maintenance ensuring maximum uptime of the assets.


The key objective with predictive data driven maintenance (PdM) is to achieve optimized maintenance without compromising safety. This pilot project will aim at taking predictive data driven maintenance to the next level.


Semco maritime’s vision is to establish data driven predictive maintenance from historical data, enhanced with a real-time process knowledge digital twin (Kairos) to achieve real-time optimized predictive maintenance.


Combining PdM with the unique technology from Kairos will ensure early detection, provide the maintenance needs, and enable planning and execution of the correct maintenance, based on real-time situational awareness.


The project is led by Dr. Claus Myllerup, CTO of Kairos Technology, supported by a modular maintenance research team from DTU headed by Professor Niels Henrik Mortensen. CPC’s Managing Director, Ulf Harlou, will assist with modular design expertise. 


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Bernt Eldor

Written by Bernt Eldor

Bernt is co-founder and the Sales and Marketing director for Kairos Technology. Bernt has extensive experience with international project management and sales, specifically within the oil and gas industry. He is an offshore engineer graduate from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.