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Vysus and Kairos teaming up

By Bernt Eldor on 01/07/22 08:25

This week (27.-28.06 2022) we started the collaboration between Vysus and Kairos Technology to make the innovative software solution HAZOP Assistant a game changer. HAZOPs have not changed much since the first introduction back in 1963! 

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Partnership with CDE, DEE-Production, and Eldor

By Bjarne André Asheim on 21/04/22 15:34

Kairos Technology, Creative Design Environment (CDE), DEE-Production, and Eldor have recently gone into a new partnership agreement for superior control room environments. We are collaborating as our products and services are very complementary and will allow us to create collaboration environments with unique focus on human factors and manage larger projects together, something that will be of great benefit to our customers.

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Cutting edge research collaboration with the University of Le Havre

By Ivan Rott on 26/05/21 09:17

Kairos has entered into an exciting collaboration agreement with the research laboratory GREAH at the University of Le Havre in Normandie, France.

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